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Pat Davis Email
May 10

City, State: Ringgold Georgia

Saw a two year old entry from VR-24 Det. roommate, Harold Phipps but no email address. Would love to hear from you. Please contact if possible.

charles casey Email
April 21

City, State: buckfield maine

Homepage URL: vr24

any old 56 to 58 shipmates left?  like to hear from any of them 

Larry middleton Email
April 14

City, State: Bowie texas

Reading Wichita Falls tx news today, I would like to report the passing of shipmate Bob Dean. HE was a SCPO during his tour in VR24, going on to become a MCPO and the CMCPO of several commands.

arte mccollough Email
April 14

City, State: Kamuela, HI

Arrived 24 Det, Napoli 1957, left 1960, "flying Yoeman", great memories, returned 2012 for visit, place really changed.  Old mate, Ed VonSchondorf hooked up with me about 1999, visited several times, he passed last year.  Names I recall: Lyle Eberhard, John McKeon, Costigan, been much too long, memory not as sharp....  Good days, did many RON's in London, even got married there (then annulled) Crashed in an R5 in Roda, Spain, walked away... 

John Vinson Email
Feb 28

I arrived at VR-24 as an AE3 in March, 1950 at Port Lyautey, transferred to VR-24 London as an AE2 in December 1950 and departed London as an AE1 in April 1952.  Anyone  who served with me during those dates please give me an email. Respectfully Commander John Vinson USN (Retired)

Mark Brown Email
Feb 11

City, State: NY, NY

Looking for contact data for Harold W. 'Hap' Meyer, a pilot for VR-24 around 1960-62.  He was a frequent guest at our apt. on via Posillipo.  Thanks

richard mentzer Email
Feb 11

City, State: new braunfels texas

I was in vr-24 in 1958 all of 59 and part of 60 and I am looking for GIB BURNETT. we were in VF-103 together in 1957 and VR-24 in the years above. if you have any info please email.

Fred Block Email
Feb 5

City, State: Lakewood, WA

I went TAD to VR24 in Naples during the Yom Kippur war in 1973. It was the best duty I had in my 4 years in the Navy.

Vanesa Benítez Zamora Email
Jan 21

City, State: Seville,Spain


My name is Vanesa Benítez Zamora. I work in film industry and TV in Spain.


I´m currently making a research in order to make a documentary film about Rota (Spain)  between  the 60´s-80´s showing some historical, social and cultural aspects with testimonies and archives.



The goal is to compose a choral portrait of that period, with people who passed through Rota at that time. It will be focused on the cultural blend/contrast or even collide between people from America, Rota, and some other countries, due to the impact of the American Naval Base establishment  in that small Spanish village at the end of the 50´s from the past century.


I´ve come through  website, where I found your contact, and I think I could find what I´m looking for:  To get in touch with some VR-24 squadron members  from the 60´s to 80´s stationed in Rota, and maybe, they would be interested in talking about their memories and experiences. 


On the other hand, I would need many archives to illustrate that period. I´m also looking for people who want to collaborate with their own  archives (old footage, pictures,graphic material, audio records, etc) from Rota and people who passed through there in that period from 60´s to 80´s, mainly. Any kind of graphic material you could kindly contribute would be very welcome. Very appreciated if you could spread the word in your website.



I´ve seen many pictures  in your website, and I would like to ask you, if is  there any possibility of getting permit of license to use them in the film. I will need as much pictures and footage as possible, so any kind of collaboration,  will be very welcome. 


Without further ado, I hope we could find a way to collaborate together in this film. I hope we can keep in touch.


If you need some extra information about me or my project, do not hesitate and contact me to this e-mail address I´m writing from

Thank you very much

Vanesa Benítez Zamora

allan pochop Email
Jan 2

City, State: vacaville, ca

1961.  NAS ops. I was assigned the SAR Uf, BuNo. 137922 at Port Lyautey.  We had departed the air station for a 4 hour local flight.  When we received information that there was a party caught in the under tow off of Media Beach.
Flying over the beach we observed that a person was floating face down in the water.
The Hup was alerted, and upon arriving on station, went to hover and was about to lower ADR3 Miller for recovery.
At this time the heli wash pushed the body under the water.
Around 7-10 days later the body washed ashore.
As I understood that the person was an LtJg in VR-24.
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