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July 26

Hey STEVE ! wow its great to hear from you hope your life since VR-24 has been great! This message is for STEVE KNAB VR -24 POWER PLANTS around 79 or 80 I think anyways Steve I remember hanging out with you My phone number is 720-937-5280 If you get this please call or email me at so we can catch up!

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Dick Prather Email
July 21

City, State: Ramona, CA

Hello VR-24 Shipmates. I'm late in posting this, but want to let everyone know there will be a 2016 VR-24 reunion! The reunion will be held in Branson, MO beginning on 29 September and ending on 2 October. Branson has many attraction and is reputed to be a great place for a reunion. See the VR-24 website Reunion Page for details, and get a Registration Form. Fill it out and return to Susan Woods at the address shown on the form. Make plans now to come to Branson and join in what promises to be a great reunion.
Dick Prather, VR-24 web editor

Greg Reilly Email
July 20

City, State: Merton Wisconsin

HI Folks! I'm the son of Edward Reilly Jr. My Dad was part of your group based out of Naples in the mid-late 60'so. He passed away in 2011 and still going through some of his stuff. Thought I would reach out to the group.


Stanley Watson Email
July 11

City, State: the Netherlands

I'm part of group of people, trying to find out where BuNo 17254 went down. This plane was stationed at El Belloto, Chile. Doing some research and i think this R4D-6 was assigned to VR-24. It went down somewhere over the Andes in Aug.1969. Is anyone here who can confirm it was with the VR-24? Also images of this airplane are very welcome. Tailnumber I think was J M.

Thanks !!!!

Beauford Burton Email
July 5

City, State: Kings Mountain, NC

I served in Napoli with VR-24 Det as an AE3 from mid 1962 until mid 1965.
I remember names like Cordie Morgan, Pat Herilhy, "Cassius Reeves", LaVechio, Pendleton, Anderson, Dillon, Fowler etc.
I would like to hear from any of them or any of you that might remember me.
I came to Naples as an airman fresh out of AE school in Jacksonville, Fla.  I was promoted to AE3 pretty quickly but was disheartened when I was under quota for AE2.   As I get older I have more fondness for the many memories I wish I had better documented.

David Conwell Email
June 22

City, State: Cocoa, Florida

Stationed in Sig 89-92, AE2, loadmaster, T-39 crewman.
Still working in aviation.

Pete Zengel Email
June 21

City, State: Hopewell, PA

Was in Sig @ VR from March of 1990 - March of 92.

Glen G. Rogers Email
May 30

City, State: Peoria IL.

VR-24 Det. 1956- 1959> Will never forget the best duty of my navy career. Looking at these pages brings a lot of old memories back. Was an ADR3 while in Naples.

Pat Davis Email
May 10

City, State: Ringgold Georgia

Saw a two year old entry from VR-24 Det. roommate, Harold Phipps but no email address. Would love to hear from you. Please contact if possible.
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