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Yesterday at 10:19

City, State: IRON RIVER,M


Bruce C Thompson Email
March 26

City, State: White Plains, MD

Cordie Morgan AMCS RET, Merlin Morgan is living in England, not too far from RAF Lakenheath.  He and I used to do the maintenance at the USAF Aero Club there.

I was in VR-24 twice, 80-81 and 85-88.  Great times! 

Terry Smith 
March 15

City, State: omaha ne

Vr24 1976-1978 I was a amh3 working air frames nights. Lived with Mike Terrell and John brooks in a villa on the beach. What a great time. I see a lot of names I remember. You might remember me as smitty. Hey Mike what happened to our dog turkey?

Dick Prather Email
March 3

City, State: Ramona, CA

Hello Shipmates!  I'm happy to announce there will be a 2015 VR-24 reunion!  Susan Woods has once again stepped forward and made arrangements for another reunion, which will be held in San Diego from 29 October to 1 November 2015. Go to the Reunion Page of this web site for the latest details. Start making your plans now to join us in San Diego this October.

Dick Prather
VR-24 web editor/manager

Mike Terrell 
Feb 26

City, State: Virginia Beach VA

I was in VR-24 from 1975 - 1979. Had a blast over in Naples and Sigonella. I was kind of sad to leave Naples but once I got used to Sicily it turned into a great place to be. I got extremely lucky out of A school and got stationed in VR 24 right off the bat. Didn't realize how good I had it until I reached other duty stations afterwards. Looking for Dave Rang, John Fisher, Sal Acampora, and others who were stationed there in those years. Look forward to seeing other posts. Will check back later. Great liberty!!!!!!

Dan Jacobs Email
Feb 14

City, State: Cape Cod, MA.

Homepage URL:

Return visit, as it's been awhile since I last stopped bye.
Served in VR-24 from Dec.1954 until March 1956.
Duty was mostly in Air Cargo, but also was on flight crew, and line crew.
It was the best duty station I served at, really have some great memories from my time there.
Second best duty station was aboard the USS Valley Forge CVS-45, which was where my tour in the Navy ended.

Many THANKS Dick for keeping this site going.
Always good to stop bye and relive times from my youth.

Fair Winds To All


Robert Medina Email
Feb 5

City, State: Norfolk Virginia

Well to all VR-24 Sigonella and VR-24 Det Rota Spain friends and family May you enjoy Valentines Day always be We are VR now and always. Robert Medina AD1 83-88.

Jim Jones Email
Jan 23

City, State: Jacksonville,FL

I was at Port Lauatey Apr.1962-Feb.1963 as an AE2. Worked on R4Q2's (C-119),
R5D's (C-54), C-130's.
, got to fly crew member in the C-54 & C-130. What a GREAT duty station! Left there and went to HU-2 Lakehurst,NJ.

Carlos B. Benavides Email
Jan 9

City, State: Corpus Christi, TX

For the record, according to Chale Biggs, President of the Bradshaw Shellback Association; VR-24 was Bradshaw Airlines not Greenbush Airlines.  aircraft 034 went to the IO in 81 on the America as Bradshaw Airlines.Det Alfa.
VRC-50--Greenbush Airlines. did not go on the America. in the IO.

Chale Biggs

Cordie Morgan AMCS RET Email
Jan 2

City, State: Spring Branch, Texas

I was AMS2 aircrew VR24 det Naples from 1962-1967 COD. Then commissioned RH53D program as maintenance chief from 1977 to 1980. I have over 1100 hrs C1A flight time and many good times. VR24 was my best tour both of them. Only remember one name from the early days. Chuck Pierce from the C! days and from the RH53 era Merlin Morgan. Love this web site. Thanks for keeping it up.
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