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Jim Jones Email
Yesterday at 07:22

City, State: Jacksonville,FL

I was at Port Lauatey Apr.1962-Feb.1963 as an AE2. Worked on R4Q2's (C-119),
R5D's (C-54), C-130's.
, got to fly crew member in the C-54 & C-130. What a GREAT duty station! Left there and went to HU-2 Lakehurst,NJ.

Carlos B. Benavides Email
Jan 9

City, State: Corpus Christi, TX

For the record, according to Chale Biggs, President of the Bradshaw Shellback Association; VR-24 was Bradshaw Airlines not Greenbush Airlines.  aircraft 034 went to the IO in 81 on the America as Bradshaw Airlines.Det Alfa.
VRC-50--Greenbush Airlines. did not go on the America. in the IO.

Chale Biggs

Cordie Morgan AMCS RET Email
Jan 2

City, State: Spring Branch, Texas

I was AMS2 aircrew VR24 det Naples from 1962-1967 COD. Then commissioned RH53D program as maintenance chief from 1977 to 1980. I have over 1100 hrs C1A flight time and many good times. VR24 was my best tour both of them. Only remember one name from the early days. Chuck Pierce from the C! days and from the RH53 era Merlin Morgan. Love this web site. Thanks for keeping it up.

Darrell Brock Email
Dec 25, 2014

City, State: Vero Beach, FL

   Wishing all shipmates throughout the long, proud and magnificant years of our Squadrons operational years, a happy and joyeous holiday season.  DARRELL BROCK



Dec 16, 2014

City, State: IRON RIVER,MI.


Cameron Mobley Email
Dec 1, 2014

City, State: Mooresville,In.

It's been awhile since I've visited this site, read a few of the comments on the guest book, I remember a few names that was at Naples at the same time I was there. The last time I attended a reunion was the last one Pete Owens put on. I spent several years looking for a couple of buddies, Gene Garcia and Jim Camp from air cargo and found that both passed. Gene in 2005 an Camp some time in the passed couple years. I don't know if any out there remembers these two shipmate, But I thought I would pass this info on as they were a part of a good crew. I was stationed with VR-24 Det. From early 1956 to Late 1957. Anyway the holiday season is upon us already, hope all have a wonderful Christmas.

Phil Runfola Email
Nov 22, 2014

City, State: Homosassa, FL

Thanks to this website, a shipmate of mine who I haven't seen or heard from in 57 years emailed me.  What a great surprise.  I hope he attends the VR-24 reunion next year.

Robert Medina Email
Nov 18, 2014

City, State: Norfolk, VA

Homepage URL: 83-88 Power Plants

Been a few years now but I still have many good memories of all the good friends I have made over there. Its good to see more people names showing up daily. happy Holidays and may we all remember are fallen friends and vr family members may god bless everyone. We Are VR-24.  

Bill Lester Email
Nov 14, 2014

City, State: Johnson City tn

Quite a while since I visited this site, My tour was 1956-1958 at Capodichino I am still looking for my friend Kenneth "Jack "Kinser,I was PC on TF-1 136769 and ironically this same a/c was assigned to USS Kitty Hawk while I was aboard.

Lisa Holzbeierlien Email
Nov 13, 2014

City, State: Indianapolis, IN

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