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Ricardo izuierdo Email
Oct 25

City, State: Chandler, az

Please let me know whereabouts of CDR Palma, XO-CO, 1979/1982. V/r... Thank you.

Richard Prather Email
Oct 13

City, State: Albuquerque, NM

A message from Randy Coates: Hello Lifting Eagle shipmates. The reunion is fast approaching. I want to remind everyone October 23 is the deadline to pay and mail in your registration form to Susan Woods & book your hotel reservation at the Group Rate. Thanks for your cooperation, I look forward to seeing everyone in November.

Thanks to Tess Wolstenholme and Randy Coates for their ongoing efforts to make this year's reunion happen. Please contact Randy for questions and answers about this year's reunion. His email address is: randycoates8251@gmail.com

Wishing everyone a great reunion in Jacksonville!

Richard Prather, VR-24 web manager/editor

Ray Dalton Email
Oct 6

City, State: Louisville, KY

Served at Capo during 1973/74.  AMS3.  Was original maintenance crew for the T-39's; 361, 362, 363.  Arrived in Naples and was barely there a month and they sent me back to St. Louis for 2 weeks of T-39 training at Rockwell (at my request).  Wish I could do it again.  Great duty station with lots to do in Naples and surrounding area.  We were always fearful when we heard stories about moving to Sig.  Guess it finally happened a few years later! Two of the best years of my life.  Spent last year in VR-1 Norfolk. Thank you Uncle Sam for putting me through Engineering school in Youngstown Ohio.  In Louisville Ky for past 35+ years.  Will share some photos when I figure out how to do that.

Dave Khan Email
Oct 3

City, State: Fort Worth, TX

Hello all, I’m currently an AWFCS at VR-59. Flown the C-9B and currently the C-40A. I’m a also a big history nerd so when I acquired a VR-24 plaque that belonged to AFCM Gerencser I wanted to learn more about the background of this squadron. My grandfather was in NATS (VR-3 was his last unit) so I have a family history in Naval Air Logistics. Thanks for all who have served before and please feel free to reach out of you know of any old plaques or items that would otherwise get lost as I’m always looking for them to add to my collection. Thanks!

Philip Runfola Email
Sept 15

City, State: Homosassa, Florida

Greetings to you shipmates.  Is anyone who served in Naples (VR-24 Det) from January 1956 to Alugust 1959 going to be at the reunion?
Phil Runfola

Paul Kerr Email
Aug 27

Anybody stationed in Naples between 1962 and 1964 coming to the reunion in Jacksonville?

Lester H. Liptak Email
Aug 16

City, State: Pensacola, Fl

Please advise how I can contact the hosts of the Jax reunion.
Thank You

norman e barnhart Email
Aug 14

City, State: tipp city, ohio

Liptak, I just saw your entry of today.  Even tho it has been 65 yrs. since I left VR-24, and Port Lyautey your name rings a memory bell.  If you retired in '70 you must have stayed for 20 yr.  I vaguely remember the golf on the London trip.  One of our ADs had a problem with his "back going out" and we had to straighten him out.   I can't remember if that was you or not.   You said you will be 87.   I'll hit 90 next January.  I won't make it to the reunion as there are some health issues that make travel difficult.

Lester H. Liptak 
Aug 14

City, State: Pensacola, Fl

Just heard about the reunion in Jax. I hope to attend with my Wife Cindy. I will contact the hosts shortly.

Richard Prather Email
July 31

City, State: Albuquerque, NM

Hello, VR-24 Shipmates!

Tess Westenholme and Randy Coates have published hotel details for this year's reunion. As previously reported the 2019 reunion will be held in Jacksonville, FL from November 14 to 17. The location will be the Holiday Inn & Suites, 620 Wells Road, Orange Park, Florida 32073. Check the Reunion Page for details and make your reservations early to get the group rate. Then make your travel plans to join VR-24 shipmates in Jacksonville for another great reunion!

Also, let Tess and Randy know if you plan to attend, and the number and names of your spouse and guests.

Richard Prather

VR-24 web manager/editor
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