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Robert Richardson Email
Sept 11, 2018

City, State: Shickshinny, Pa.

I was stationed in VR_24 Rota from March 69 until March of 71. I have been looking for John Criss, Tom Minor, Mark Johns, Glenn Walker and others from my time period. Have found about 30 and have made a Facebook group for our time. Anyone from 69-70-71 email me or friend me on facebook. My face book name is Bobby Richardson and my picture is the Philly Phanatic. John Criss ,I emailed you a few years ago thru this guest book but I guess you didn't get it. There are a lot of us that are in touch thru Facebook and email.

John Criss Email
Sept 8, 2018

City, State: Las Cruces, New Mexico

Jim Reed,

Dave Rotert was the load master on the C-2 that crashed off the front of the carrier. When I left the aircraft carrier FDR, Dave was the load master on that flight. He told me about the crash. I thought it was on takeoff. But that was a long time ago. Memories fade. I was stationed with VR-24 from September of 1969 to September of 1971. I remember you and Dickey Winters.   

Richard Casagrand Email
Aug 22, 2018

City, State: Fenton, Missouri

I was in Vr-24 from November 1978 until December 1981

Richard Prather Email
July 15, 2018

City, State: Albuquerque, NM


Hello, VR-24 Shipmates!

Here is the 2018 Reunion update you were promised. Susan Woods has finalized plans for this year's reunion, which will be held in San Diego from 1November to 4 November, 2018. The location will be at the Handlery Hotel, 950 Hotel Circle N., in San Diego’s Mission Valley. Additional information and Registration information are contained in my 15 July 2018 post on the VR-24 Facebook page and will be posted in the VR-24 website Reunion Page in the next few days. Please download/print the Registration Form, fill it out, and return with check to Susan Woods at the address shown on the form. Remember to report that you are with the VR-24 group when making your separate hotel reservations to get the group's discount.

Those of you who have attended past reunions in San Diego know of its many attractions. For those who have not visited that city are in for a treat. So, spread the word, make your reservation early and plan to attend the 2018 VR-24 reunion. Join friends and shipmates to make this another memorable reunion.


Richard Prather, VR-24 web manager/editor


Larry middleton Email
July 2, 2018

City, State: Bowie texas

Looking for Lou huddle please call 850 304 3251

Ken Creswell Email
June 20, 2018

City, State: Knoxville, TN

Homepage URL: Knoxville

Was watching a show about planes the other night and they 
mentioned a US Airways plane that crashed on takeoff in New York in 1992.  Plane hadn't been deiced enough.  Pilot was Wally Majure, who was killed.  Wally flew with VR24 Naples in early 1970s.  I was stationed in VR24 Naples 71-74.

Jim Reed Email
June 8, 2018

City, State: Florence, Colorado

I am  Jim Reed.  I was stationed at Nav Sta Rota from May, 1969 to Aug 1972.  I arrived an AME E-3 and left as an AME PO2. I was fresh out of C-2 pneumatics school in North Island and C-130 school at camp Pendleton.  Dicky Winters and I weren't exactly welcomed with open arms by the Marines but we survived after getting snakes and other surprises out of our bunks.
  Upon my arrival Det Rota had three C-118s, three C-130s and three C-2s I believe.
  We lost two C-2s while I was there.  One hit Mt. Etna and all were lost.  The other crashed after a missed arrested landing.  The plane was full of NATO senior personnel.  The two enlisted load masters got everyone safely into life rafts except the pilot and co-pilot who were killed when the plane rolled over and hit the water.
  We were part of an experiment to land a C130 aboard ship.  I still watch 149790 make it on YOU TUBE.
  I hope all my squadron mates are doing well and in good health.

Darrell E Brock Email
May 28, 2018

City, State: vero beach florida

Just sitting here this morning trying to remember old shipmates from when I served - many now on staff of our supreme commander.  To all of you who served in our great squadron, have a happy memorial day

Ron Stover Email
April 8, 2018

City, State: Norfolk Va.

Looking to contact Steve and Vicki Vrana.

Ron Stover Email
April 8, 2018

City, State: Norfolk Va.

Looking to contact Steve and Vicki Vrana.
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