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Richard Prather Email
July 24, 2019

City, State: Albuquerque, NM

Hello, VR-24 Shipmates!

Tess Wolstenholme and Randy Coates have announced plans for a VR-24 reunion in 2019! Those who have been hoping for another reunion on the East Coast will be pleased to know the location for this year's reunion is Jacksonville, Florida. Mark the dates November 14 to 17 and plan to join shipmates to make this a great reunion! Please check the VR-24 Facebook Page and the VR-24 website Reunion Information Page for updates and details as Tess and Randy make them available.

Richard Prather

VR-24 website manager/editor

Darrell E. Brock Email
July 6, 2019

City, State: Foley, Alabama

Hello to shipmates living in or somewhere near Pensacola, Florida.  Would anyone be interested in an informal "get-together" at the Naval Aviation Museum?  Its located at NAS Pensacola, and they have food available in the museum ready-room.  Get in touch with me, and i'll try to coordinate the get-together

William Wilemon Email
June 30, 2019

City, State: Piedmont, Alaama

Hi again.  Left this website and went to eBay.com and typed in (VR-24 Navy).  There was a bag on there with a name tag on it that said:  
Cost was $14.95 + Shipping from Caldwell, Idaho.
Thanks, I'm outa' here.

William Wilemon Email
June 30, 2019

City, State: Piedmont, Alabama

Served in VR-24 (Fleet Tactical Support Squadron) from 1972-1975.
Retired AD-1 (NAC).  
Retired again from Anniston Army Depot (WG-11) Mechanic.
Was in Dammam, Saudi Arabia preparing the M1 Abrams tanks
for battle during Desert Shield (16hrs. a day / 7 days a week).
Have met only three of my VR-24 squadron mates, two live in Pensacola area, one came down from Philly and flew a C-1A that was once in this area. Big treat for him!
Never been to a reunion.
Would welcome contact from former squadron mates.

Randy J Hansel Email
June 26, 2019

City, State: Edmond, Oklahoma

Anyone out there from 1977 - 1980 time period?

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Dan Hluchy Email
June 17, 2019

City, State: Calabash's,ca

Homepage URL: Calabasas

To the Ismael Ramos, I was Murphy's roommate in Naples with VR24 72-74..You can reach me at danluchy@yahoo.com

Donald Tenbusch 
June 13, 2019

City, State: danatenbusch@comcast.net

Homepage URL: Middleburg

Best duty in my 20 year career. Port Lyautey 1953. Naples 1954 to June 1956. Hung out at the Patria Hotel mostly. 2nd best VAP 62 Heavy Photo Squadron Jacksonville Florida. 3 Years sea duty never left NAS Jax.

Ysmael Ramos Email
April 14, 2019

City, State: San Angelo, Texas

I was with VR 24 from Sep 1972 to Feb 1974.  I would like to get in contact with anyone who might have been on det in late 1973 with two C2s in Souda Bay, Crete when one aircraft went down after land takeoff to deliver passengers to Independence and the back to home base Capo, Naples, Italy.  Its been a long time my friend AMS3 Murphy went down with that aircraft,  Willy the PC survived, and so did the pilots Lcdr and Ensign.  Would like to share information about it.  I was there also in Souda Bay.

Darrell E. Brock Email
March 28, 2019

City, State: Foley, AL

Just wondering if there are any plans for a reunion in the Pensacola area in the near future.  Don't travel long distances anymore, but live 25 miles from NAS Pensacola. I can offer some limited assistance to any planned event.
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