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Joe Newton 
July 26, 2017

City, State: Kaiserslautern Germany

I'm back in Sicily visiting. I try to visit every year, I have friends here. The city and the base have changed so much over the years. I really don't care to spend time in Catania. The city isn't as nice as it used to be. I spend more time on the mountain and in Taormina.

Bob Livingstone Email
July 20, 2017

City, State: Punta Gorda, Fl.

Hi Shipmates:

                    My name is Bob Livingstone, I served with VR-24 from March 1956 to October 1958.  Captain R.C. Knowles was the CO.  Our base was Port Lyautey/Kenitra Morrocco.  Please contact me if we served together.


Dick Prather Email
July 18, 2017

City, State: Albuquerque, NM

Hello, VR-24 Shipmates!
Susan Woods has finalized plans for the 2017 VR-24 Reunion in Norfolk, VA from 2-5 November.  From this web site's home page, go to the Reunion Information Page to read Susan's letter with details of this year's reunion. You can also download/copy the Registration Form with which to sign up for the reunion. You will need to make separate reservations for your hotel rooms. So, sign up, make your reservations and plan to join shipmates and friends in making this another great VR-24 reunion.

Dick Prather, VR-24 web site manager/editor

Richard Taylor  Email
June 17, 2017

City, State: Jacksonville, Fl

1986-1991. AE shop

Boerries Burkhardt 
June 16, 2017

Homepage URL:

Hello shipmate from the VR-24, I do right now a study of the C-2A Grumman Greyhound with all their NAVY squadrons. Also the VR-24 will get a chapter. But I will mention also the other equipment that went with the VR-24 like the C-2A Trader as well as the CT-39 Sabreliner. See images below. But more the C-2A.
If you have stories of material to share, please contact me. Email address at my web page or here on the contact link.







Much more can be seen on my web page at . Thanks for your time, Boerries

james moore (A/E 3) Email
June 5, 2017

City, State: cochran, ga.

Naples 62-65. Anyone serving then please contact.

james moore (A/E 3) Email
June 5, 2017

City, State: Cochran, Georgia

1962-1965 Naples Det. Thanks for guestbook. Would love to meet at reunion, but have already made other plans.

Anthony Robinson Email
May 28, 2017

City, State: Hemet, california

VR-24 1975 to 1978. Missed last reunion Will not miss this one

Rocky Hettinger Email
May 14, 2017

City, State: Robesonia ,Pa

VR-24 Naples 8/65 to 12/67
new email:

Bruce Thompson Email
May 1, 2017

City, State: Yuma, AZ

Hey all you VR-24 (Sig) Shipmates!  Been a while since I checked-in.  Gaby (AN Steinau, 86-88) and I (80-81 & 85-88) just celebrated our 30th Wedding Anniversary!  Seems like yesterday we met in the VR hangar the same day she arrived off the Cat B!

We also just relocated to the Yuma, AZ area.  We are done moving, planning to retire here!  After all these years of moving around, first for the Navy and then for her Gov job, we are done.

If you are ever out this way, drop us an email and we'll share some sea-stories and a few cold ones.

AMSC(AW/NAC) Bruce Thompson, USN (Ret)
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