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Bill Lester Email
Oct 19, 2016

City, State: Johnson City, Tn

Where are all my shipmates from VR 24 det. Napoli 1956-58?

Mike Carpenter Email
Oct 11, 2016

City, State: Portland, Oregon

Homepage URL:

Hi -
I just realized that Yom Kippur is coming up, and remember the Unit Commendation Medal? that we (VR-24 Det Rota) earned during the Yom Kippur War in 1973.
I was stationed at VR-24 Det Rota from April 1972 until August 1975, arriving as an E-2 fresh out of AK school in Millington TN, and left as an AK-2 after three years, nine months, and 15 days in Rota.  Some of the best years and memories I have.
At the height of the Vietnam War, I was drafted out of High School in Feb 1971, drawing a low number in the first ever national lottery.  Joined the Navy, and spent my Vietnam Era service in Rota.  Maybe I did win the lottery!


Ken Collins Email
Oct 10, 2016

City, State: Broken Arrow, OK

Just wanted to thank Susan and Mary Jo for the great job they did in getting the Branson re-union together.  i know that it was a monumental task for them traveling all the way from California. Also want to give Virgil and Bob credit for their contribution.   It went off without a hitch and was very organized and enjoyable. If you missed it there is always next year.  l would like to hook up with some of the folks stationed in Naples from 1969-1973. 

Lt David Ricksecker, USN Ret 
Oct 9, 2016

City, State: Pace, Florida

Stationed in VR-24 at Sigonella from mid 1977 to 1979. Got there as a freshly minted AT-3 before the first RH-53D showed up. Lots of trips in those old helos as they took the ground support crew everywhere to keep them flying.

Ken Knight Email
Oct 7, 2016

City, State: Highlands, NC

I was assigned to VR-24 from Oct 82 as a new CWO 2 until Oct 84.  I served with VP 24 at NAS JAX for 4 years and was promoted to CWO 3and 4. I then was assigned as OIC NAESU Det JAX 2 years.  I was sent to the USS Midway in YKO Japan as the AIMD Div Officer.  Went through Desert Storm and decommissioned  her in San Diego, where she is now a floating Museum.  My last duty station before I retired was Logistic/Maintenance Officer for Commander Patrol Wing 11 at NAS JAX.  I retired on 1 Dec 1994 with over 30 years active duty. I now live in the mountains of Western NC with my wife of 22 years Sarah.    

Barbara Miller Email
Sept 29, 2016

City, State: Jacksonville, Florida

Hi.  My last name was Widmer when I was stationed at VR-24 Sig from Jan 87 to Dec 90. It was my second duty station.I was an AZ2 and made AZ1 there. Have a lot of great memories! I lost track of a bunch of close friends I had there. After transferring back to the states to VS-27 I got married. Retired as AZCS(AW)Lukens in 2003.

Scott Zeno 
Aug 25, 2016

City, State: West Suffield Conn.


I recently picked up a VR-24 flight helmet w/ mask at an auction last week. It’s in fairly good shape, needed a good cleaning and some new parts here and there and is looking pretty nice now. What I’d like to find out is who the former owner was and what role he played in the squadron…..pilot/crewman etc. The last name on the back of the helmet says “Nevins” and his call sign or nickname on the back stripe is “Vin”  He was a C-2A Greyhound guy and the date stamps on the oxygen mask are 1987/88/89 so he was flying in the squadron around that time or shortly  thereafter.  ANY info that anyone can provide here would be MUCH appreciated!!

LT John Ritenour, USN (ret) Email
Aug 14, 2016

City, State: Pensacola, Fl

I stumbled on the VR-24 page while doing a Google Search on a friend of mine, Mike Veringa. When I was a Freshman at JU (Jacksonville, University), Mike was a Senior, way back in 78. I'd been trying to link up with Mike (I was unaware of the accident that took his life.) I remember Mike as a guy excited about becoming a Naval Officer and learning to fly. He was a tremendous help to me both academically, and encouraged me to stick with the NROTC Program when I was ready to drop out. Mike possessed the "Right Stuff" to be successful at whatever he put his mind to. I regret I never had a chance to meet him after I was commissioned, and to thank him for his inspiration and encouragement. RIP Mike ....

July 26, 2016

Hey STEVE ! wow its great to hear from you hope your life since VR-24 has been great! This message is for STEVE KNAB VR -24 POWER PLANTS around 79 or 80 I think anyways Steve I remember hanging out with you My phone number is 720-937-5280 If you get this please call or email me at so we can catch up!

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